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"I am using install-us 4.5 and very happy with it. It has an userfriendly interface and almost everything someone may need cool is included. You better check it yourself at:"

"Dear Mr. Schellhorn: I have purchased the license for the professional version. Install-us is a great software."
Protap Pramanick, Salisbury Maryland, USA

"Your Install US v4 is the greatest! I have to roll out installs for Databases, Patches, and small programs. With all the great features I have created CD menus and wonderful user interfaces so my end user or the Tech who is installing it gets exactly what they need. I CD and Walla all my install troubles are over! Your product is #1 in my book! Easy to use and great for just about any application roll out! I even use it at home for my on-line gaming team to install patches and new game updates!! Love it! Keep up the good work!"
B. Murphy, University Medical Center, Las Vegas

"What a fantastic Product - I recently downloaded this shareware and checked it out i couldnt believe my eyes what a brilliant program these guys have made its stability is good i was fascinated when i saw the interface it was exellent downloading this product made me buy it in the end and i am so glad i did Well Done i say.",
*SIRUS* Inc.

"The Best Yet! - This is the best install program that i have ever come by and i have come by hundreds, Exellent all you get at to say it is shareware is a little and i mean little message box at the start of your installations. WELL WORTH THE DOWNLOAD!!!",
Philip Cribbin

"In the world of money and commercial gains, you really stand apart. Thanks for sending me a note and generously providing an update, free for your package. I am glad I had done a wise decision in selecting your product for bundling my package.
Thanks once again."
Vasu V.

"BTW, this product is so great, I used to use installshield, even the function seems so great, it takes more time and energy. Thanks for your efforts."

"I've made in a short time a professional Install program,
this program is one of the best!"
M Gros, GMTO The Netherlands

"Thank you for your great program Install-Us Pro v.3.55!
Your program is cool!
I have tested many programs such as:
    PGC Install Construct v.3.0
    Create Install v.3.35
    Instyler SmartSetup v.2.0
    Interscope InstallMaster v.1.1
    MB InstallBuilder98 v.1.0
    Setup Factory v.4.08
    PC-Install v.6.02
    Setup Specialist Sr1
but your Install-Us Pro is more better than that all.
Thank you for your job.
Best regards and good luck!"

"I have been using Setup Factory 4.x and definitely found your product easier to use. The GUI is simplistic and easy to use, yet the application itself is very powerful.  A very nice change."
Doug Wagner

"I would like to tell you that you made a very very good job.
You did a product as same as InstallShield and much more.."
Raynald Le Monnier

"After Getting use to the setup program it was very easy to use, gave a very professional look to installations"
Alan Moss

"I just came across a copy of Install-Us and I wanted to let you know that I believe that it is a great piece of software. You just need to get out there in the market. I would have never found out about your product if it weren't for blind luck. I have an evaluation copy from your site, and I love it. I plan to register soon. Keep up the good work.
Elijah M.

"Ps. your product is fantastic"
Fabio Ferreira

"I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your product.  It is easy to use and works every time.  I am very happy and just want to let you know.  If you develop any other products, please let me know."
David McMilliln

"This is a very good installation program!"
Paul-Emeric WILLETTE

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